Silver Socks

Silver Socks – Prevents Blisters | Fights Bad Odor| Anti-Microbial
It’s hard to be an athlete as you need to do excessive physical activities whether in training or in the actual game. One of the most common concern of athletes is how can they protect their feet from blisters, and how can they increase the oxygen levels in their body. Because of these needs, experts developed silver socks (anti-static socks) to improve the overall performance of athletes, as well as to reduce the risk of getting blisters.


Silver Socks

What Is It?
Just to give you a short description, a silver sock is made out of the combination of silver yarn and celliant. Well discuss later the benefits of the said combination.
How Does It Work?
It is said earlier that wearing anti-static socks can enhance your performance whether in training or while playing the sport that you are in. It is also said that wearing this anti-static socks can reduce the risk of you getting blisters on your feet. But how does this really work to make the benefits happen? Together, let’s unlock the secret of silver socks or also known as anti-static socks.
Preventing Friction – one of the best benefits of wearing the said kind of socks is the fact that it prevents friction due to its anti-static capabilities especially when worn or partnered with anti-static shoes as well. It’s not a secret that an intense friction will occur in both of your feet when you are doing an intense physical activity. This friction often results to blisters which are really bothering as blisters are indeed painful. When you are bothered by the pain, you also tend to lose your focus on your game. As a result, you can’t bring your ‘A-game’ in the field. In order to prevent this from happening, you might want to consider wearing an anti-static socks to prevent blisters on your feet.

images (1)It’s Anti-Microbial – the fact that silver socks is a combination of silver yarn and celliant, then it means that this type of sock is anti-microbial. Athletes are prone to get various bad bacteria on their feet that cause irritations, or worst, infection. No wonder why a certain foot problem is named after athletes, which is known as athlete’s foot. Therefore, wear anti-static socks to fight the bad bacteria that are trying to infect your feet.
Anti-Odor Effect – if you are an athlete as well, then you will definitely notice that bad odor that you can usually smell when you take your shoes off. If you want to end this, then wearing anti-static socks can help you get rid of the bad-odor on your feet. This is due to the anti-microbial feature of this type of socks.
To sum it up, if you are sick of getting blisters all the time when you do your physical activities, if you want to get rid of that bad-odor on your feet, as well as if you want to improve your athletic ability, then you are one of the many who needs to wear an anti-static pair of socks.
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